Bond Kids

Bond Kids is designed to be a safe but fun environment for your kids to be able to go to during our weekly worship services. We strive to make Bond Kids in source a way that you wont have to worry about if your kids are going to be okay or not during service.

Lets not forgot the main resin we stated Bond Kids. We started Bond Kids so your kids could be able to learn about the man that changed there lives in a way that they will be able to understand it. We do this not by sitting them down for a whole message from our pastor. But are highly trained volunteers and leaders will pick just a few points to share with your kids for the time we have with them. This allows us to drive those few points home instead of trying to cramming a whole message to them with the time we have with them.

Your kids will enjoy Games, Snacks, Funny videos & skits, and lets not foget the music that drive you parints crazy!

If you would like to bring your kid(s) to Bond Kids its real easy! Drop of begins at 10:45am before our worship service. When you come in though the main doors in the front you will take a right. And our KIDS volunteers will meet you on the landing of the stairs to get your info and any info you would like us to know about your little ones.

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Here will be a mod for them to be able to sign up.

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