Generosity Changes Lives

We believe that generosity changes lives. Lives are radically transformed when we show people generosity. Nothing reflects the heart of God more than when we are truly generous. When we are generous, we are most clearly reflecting Jesus. Generosity changes lives of those giving and those receiving. We will be intentional about being generous with our time, energy, and treasure.

3 ways to give

1. Online

Online giving is a great and safe way to give. It’s fast and secure! You can even set it up to automatically give!

Give Now!

2. text

Giving by text message is also a great and safe way to give. Once you set it up its just a matter of texting the amount you want to give at anytime!

Send a text with “give” to (606) 238-6404 and follow the steps that are sent to you!

3. Cash and checks

You can always give by cash or check! We have a giving time during each one of our Sunday services.

You can also send gifts by mail!
Bond Baptist Church
PO Box 520 Annville, KY 40402