7:02 Youth

Creating the next generation of leaders

About 7:02

7:02 is a group of middle and high school teens in our community that don't just want to live life but they want to make a difference in other people lives as well. Our middle and high school teens come together once a week to grow together and also grow closer to the one that changed there lives.

Wednesdays at 7:02pm

Our Leaders

Joey & Marla Bales our the leaders over 702. Joey & Marla started heading up 702 back in 2017. when they first took it over they started off strong with there vision for the group. They re-branded to 7:02 Youth and reworked the youth group into what it is today. sense they took over they have seen a huge impact on the youth in our community and in the lives of the youth right here in our church.



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