About Us

Bond Baptist Church is a collection of people devoted to life-transformation through the power of the Good News and the experience of radical love by way of community. In response to our individual encounters with the resurrected King, we now cultivate disciples by loving recklessly, giving intentionally, and serving selflessly.

Know God. Connect in Community. Serve with Purpose.

Our Core Values

Jesus is Center

We believe that Jesus is the central figure in history. He is not only the Creator of the universe but he is also the Savior of the World. We believe that everything that we do should be centered around the life and ministry of Jesus. He is the central figure in history, so He is the central figure in Our House and in our Lives.

Grace is Greater
Relationships > Rules
We > Me
Generosity Changes Lives
Choose Love
Do it Well
We Can’t Stay Here
Worship is a Lifestyle
Discipleship is a Journey
Pass It On
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