Bond Baptist Church is a collection of people devoted to life-transformation through the power of the Good News and the experience of radical love by way of community. In response to our individual encounters with the resurrected King, we now cultivate disciples by loving recklessly, giving intentionally, and serving selflessly.

Our Core Values

Jesus is Center

We believe that Jesus is the central figure in history. He is not only the Creator of the universe but he is also the Savior of the World. We believe that everything that we do should be centered around the life and ministry of Jesus. He is the central figure in history, so He is the central figure in Our House and in our Lives.

Grace is Greater

We believe that the Message of Jesus, is a message of Grace. We believe God’s Grace is greater than everything in our lives. God’s Grace is greater than our pasts, our mistakes, our failures and our shame. The Message of Grace says that there is no one too bad for God to love and no failure that the Cross has not already paid for. God extended His Grace to all of humanity and so we should too.

Relationships > Rules  

We believe that Jesus valued relationships with people more than he valued the rules that they may have broken. Jesus did not come to burden us with religious rules, rather He came that we might have an authentic relationship with Him. Rules should never be valued over relationships with people. Choose relationships over rules.

We > Me

We believe that we were created for community. We need each other. We are better together. God created us to live in community with each other. We need people  that we do life with. We are a community of people who love each other and are committed to each other for the long term. We can do more together than we can separated. If we are unified there is nothing that is impossible.

Generosity Changes Lives

We believe that generosity changes lives. Lives are radically transformed when we show people generosity. Nothing reflects the heart of God more than when we are truly Generous. When we are generous, we are most clearly reflecting Jesus. Generosity changes lives of those giving and those receiving. We will be intentional about being Generous with our time, energy, and treasure.

Choose Love

Life is full of choices. In every one of these choices we want to ask the question, “What would love do?” and then we want to do just that. Jesus told us that the identifying mark of His disciples would be love, therefore in every situation, we want to choose love. Love is a decision not an emotion. Choose love even when it is easier to choose otherwise.

Do it Well

We believe that if “it” is worth doing, “it” is worth doing well. Regardless of what “it” might be. We believe excellence is worth striving for. We believe that our excellence in every area of our lives builds a platform, by which the Gospel might be shared. Whatever we do, we want to do it with Kingdom Excellence. We want our excellence to reflect the character of God, not our own ability.

We Can’t Stay Here

We believe that the Church should constantly be moving forward. God never called us to settle in or get comfortable. He called us to advance the Kingdom of Heaven by whatever means necessary. We are willing to change or leave behind anything short of the Word of God to advance the Kingdom of Heaven in our community. We are willing to change our methods to share God’s unchanging Word with the people who need it most.

Worship is a Lifestyle

We believe that worship should not be restricted to Sunday mornings. We believe that worship is a way that we live, not a song that we sing. We believe that what happens between Sundays is more important than what happens on Sundays. Authentic worship flows from a heart that is connected to the Savior. We want to worship God through the way that we live, not just the songs that we sing

Discipleship is a Journey

We believe that discipleship is not a destination but a journey. Following Jesus is not a one time decision that you make, just to get it out of the way, rather it is the beginning of  a lifelong journey. Following Jesus is the greatest Adventure of one's life. A relationship with God is about living everyday with Him, not just a one time experience. Becoming a disciple is about walking with Jesus for the rest of your life.

Pass It On

We believe in the Next Generation. We believe that it is our responsibility to pass on our faith to the next generation. We want to raise up a generation of World Changers. Our kids today will be our Church leaders tomorrow, so we want to prepare them for that. We will be intentional about training up the Next Generation for ministry and then allowing them to take it and make it their own. We will invest into the next generation. We want to pass it on to them.

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